The Sacred Mushroom

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zoooob asked: cont. This is from LUNAR mythology which anciently precceded solar myth. In the latter the idea of 'ego death' is really about transcending the physical body and nature. But in Goddess spirituality it is more the immersion and merging with the mysteries of the Great Mother. it is not about escape from nature, but ecstatic loving embrace of nature including your nature~~~

Very interesting, thanks! 

zoooob asked: "WHAT DID IT ALL MEAN??☆WAS MY MIND CREATING THE VISIONS OR WAS IT THE PSILOCYBIN?" I love this : “It is also important to remember that, as with other so-called entheogenic medicines, the substances do not create the spiritual, mystical and cosmic dimensions of existence, but reveal them.”-Ralph Metzner "IS ‘EGO DEATH’ WHEN YOU LOSE YOURSELF?" I may have to continue in another post box for this biggie. The most ancient meaning of transcending ego is from Goddess mythology and spirituality...

Thanks for your insightful message. Great quote by Ralph, I agree. I still wish I could better understand the meaning of what I have seen during my psilocybin visions; the symbols, icons, people, places etc. The visions felt like access to the archives of consciousness. When I’m tripping I feel like I’m sharing my portion of consciousness with this archive; the archive benefits from me and I benefit from it. 

psychedelic-pussysmasher-deacti asked: YOUR BLOG IS AMAZING.

Thank you! :)

Buddha’s Lollie Jar ;)


Psilocybe subaeruginosa
These are fresh as fuck. That’s gonna be a good trip.
I love hunting for shrooms. There’s nothing quite like discovering a patch of psilocybes. So intriguing and when ingested so profound. 
A good way to see the magic purple spores is to take a photo of the gills with the camera flash on :)
A Beautiful Trip Last Nyt. Finely cut shrooms with freshly squeezed lemon = Moments of Eternity.


My ass has finally found some SHROOMS!!!!!! Trippy shit.

dang that’s good news for ur ass but I hope ur mouth finds some too :///

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Hahaha Gold!