The Sacred Mushroom

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psychedelic-pussysmasher-deacti asked: YOUR BLOG IS AMAZING.

Thank you! :)

Buddha’s Lollie Jar ;)


Psilocybe subaeruginosa
These are fresh as fuck. That’s gonna be a good trip.
I love hunting for shrooms. There’s nothing quite like discovering a patch of psilocybes. So intriguing and when ingested so profound. 
A good way to see the magic purple spores is to take a photo of the gills with the camera flash on :)
A Beautiful Trip Last Nyt. Finely cut shrooms with freshly squeezed lemon = Moments of Eternity.


My ass has finally found some SHROOMS!!!!!! Trippy shit.

dang that’s good news for ur ass but I hope ur mouth finds some too :///

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Hahaha Gold!
Shrooms anyone?
Gutted! Someone found my secret patch today! Heaps of my precious shrooms were raped and pillaged. Stalks and caps ripped apart everywhere! Damn! Oh well, i guess i have to learn to share. I have so many shrooms now, how can i complain? Best season ever! Thank you universe!